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THRIVE Child Development Centre/Centre de développement de l’enfant helps children and youth with diverse abilities to achieve their highest potential. One of twenty-one children’s treatment centres across Ontario, we support children & youth from 0-18 years of age who are impacted by differences in physical, perceptual, communication and/or developmental trajectories. We build on their unique strengths, gifts and talents so that they and their families can truly THRIVE!

Our Name

The word “thrive” speaks to the goal of each of our staff members whether they work directly or indirectly with the children and youth we support. Thrive embodies the conviction and commitment that all staff have knowing that we can help change their lives. We don’t simply work with the children and youth we serve; our goal is to see them reach their full potential. In other words, to THRIVE!

The Centre is an incorporated, non-profit charitable organization with accountabilities to a Board of Directors, the Ministry of Children and Youth Services, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Community and Social Services, and the Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma District Social Services Administration Boards. THRIVE is a proud member of the Empowered Kids Ontario (EKO). EKO represents all 21 Children’s Treatment Centres in Ontario as a strong and united voice across our province.

Our mission, vision & values


THRIVE empowers children and their families to reach beyond what is expected, toward the extraordinary.


A future of possibilities.

Values & Beliefs:

Our deeply held values & beliefs guide our approach to serving families, working with each other and with our community partners. We strive to emulate them in all our interactions.

We believe in:
> The voice of our children, youth and families
> Interactions framed by respect and dignity
> Opportunity through fairness, equity & inclusion
> Achieving excellence through innovation, curiosity & optimism
> The power of teamwork & partnerships

Our History

THRIVE Child Development Centre opened its doors in 1952, as a project of the Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie, the Sault Ste. Marie Public Board of Education and a local group of physicians. The goal of the project was to provide therapy services to children with physical disabilities who were attending school. The Centre, initially called “The Rotary Children’s Centre”, was incorporated in 1983 as a free standing Children’s Treatment Centre funded by the Ministry of Health. The Centre’s name was changed to “Children’s Rehabilitation Centre – Algoma” in 1996 to reflect its broader community involvement. In 2016, the name was changed to THRIVE Child Development Centre in order to capture the true spirit of the work that we do here.


THRIVE embraces and respects all types of diversity. We strive to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Committed to creating positive space within our organization, at THRIVE we welcome clients, families, volunteers, staff, and community partners from all cultural, ethnic, religious, and social backgrounds.


THRIVE’S funding, the majority of which comes from the Ontario Ministry of Children & Youth Services, allows for the delivery of basic services and programs.  Our donors help us enrich our services to the children and youth in our Algoma communities by enabling the development of innovative programs and clinics, and the purchase of new technology.

The Rotary Club of Sault Ste. Marie, as founder of our centre, has been a proud benefactor since our inception in 1952.

The following links offer some additional information about the history of our Centre and our accomplishments:

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