Social Work

What is Social Work?

A person with developmental differences may experience both opportunities and barriers.  Some of the daily experiences of life, may be more difficult for children, youth and their families who use THRIVE’s services. Some children and youth may need support in managing the ups and downs of growing up, starting or changing schools, finding friends, finding accessible and fun community activities, and navigating the teen years. Some parents and extended families receiving services from THRIVE may experience emotional ups and downs from time to time impacting their well-being. Social Workers may provide some of the following: counselling, information, support in response to life situations that young people and their families find especially challenging.

The Profession of Social Work

Social Workers are regulated members of the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and follow a code of ethics that govern their work with the public (OASW).  Social Workers help individuals to find personal empowerment and well-being.  It may be helpful to connect with a THRIVE Social Worker when a person is going through a difficult period in their personal, family and work life. Social workers help identify the source of stress or difficulty, make assessments, mediate between conflicts, offer various forms of counselling and therapy, and help people to develop coping skills and find effective solutions to their problems.  Social workers believe in the intrinsic worth and dignity of every human being. They are dedicated to the welfare of individuals and to the achievement of social justice for all. Social workers are pledged to service individuals without discrimination on any grounds. The values of acceptance, self-determination and respect for the individual are fundamental to all forms of social work practice.

What will a social worker provide?

Social workers provide individualized child, youth and family support recognizing that each have their own unique strengths, needs and concerns. Social work services, therefore, are based on the mutual goals of the child/youth and family. The Social Worker’s role as a member of the therapy team can include:

  • Providing intake services for children & youth referred to THRIVE.
  • Providing resource information and referrals for children/youth and their families to programs and services within THRIVE and in the community.
  • Developing and facilitating groups for children/youth and families of THRIVE.
  • Providing support to families regarding a child/youth’s diagnosis, providing counselling around issues such as coping, parenting, stress, advocacy.
  • Conducting strength based family support assessments and providing follow-up services.
  • Consultations with therapists and assistance with programs and services within THRIVE to help support children/youth and families.
  • Coordination of services through liaising with community agencies and services to facilitate client/family care.
  • Brief Counselling services to children/youth and their families.
  • Supportive counselling, as required based on child/youth and families needs.
  • Assisting families and children/youth to plan for transitions eg. to adult services, school, family relocation.
  • Liaison with community, district and regional offices through advocacy and committee work to enhance policy and services that impact children with developmental differences and their families.

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