Therapy Services

Our therapy services consist of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech-language pathology and social work.

Occupational therapy: Assesses developmental abilities such as self-help skills (bathing, dressing, feeding), eye-hand coordination, perceptual abilities and fine motor skills such as social & self-regulation, community participation.

Physiotherapy: Assesses the child’s motor development by observing skills such as rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, jumping, flexibility, strength, coordination and balance.

Speech-Language Pathology: Assesses areas such as speech sound production skills (articulation), language development (understanding and use); thinking skills, play skills and oral motor/swallowing abilities.

Social Work: Focuses on enhancing child and family psychosocial functioning, providing preventative, supportive and counselling services, advocacy, referrals and linkages to community agencies, children and parent support groups, initial intake and discharge planning.


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