Clinics at THRIVE

The following clinics are available for our families:

Child Assessment Clinic: A team of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech-Language Pathology professionals who assess children and youth referred to THRIVE in order to understand strengths, needs and priorities and link families with the appropriate THRIVE and community services.

Assistive Communication & Writing Aids Clinic: Provides assessment, prescription and training for the use of specialized equipment and computers to support face-to-face and written communication needs of children and youth.

Seating & Mobility Clinic: Provides assessment and prescription for specialized seating and mobility equipment, e.g., wheelchairs.

Spasticity Management (Botox) Clinic: Delivered in conjunction with a pediatrician in which botox (botulinum toxin) is injected into specific muscles in order to improve mobility and gait.

Orthotics Clinic: delivered by an Orthotist, this clinic provides specialized orthotic devices (e.g., ankle-foot orthoses) and protective helmets.

Transition Clinic: Helps youth and their families identify ways in which they can build independence and self-reliance skills in preparation for the youth entering adolescence and their eventual transition to adulthood.

Feeding & Swallowing Program: Provides assessment and consultation for infants and children experiencing feeding and/or swallowing difficulty as a result of a physical or developmental difference.

Medical Clinics: Gives families an opportunity to meet with medical specialists locally, (Pediatric Neurologist/Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon from The Hospital for Sick Children), thus saving families the expense and stress of travel to other communities for these services.

Self Regulation Clinic: The Algoma Self-Reg Community of Practice is a community of practice aiming to collectively apply a consistent framework of self-regulation in our homes, schools, and organizations.

Contact THRIVE at 705-759-1131/1-855-759-1131 to find out how you can attend any of our clinics.

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