Behavioural Support Clinic – Pilot

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Children with developmental challenges often struggle to build the foundational skills many families take for granted, including:

  • Daily Living Skills (ie: brushing teeth, showering)
  • Functional Communication (ie: asking for what they need)
  • Behaviour (ie: working through tantrums)
  • Social Skills (ie: taking turns in a conversation)

Does your child struggle with challenges like these? If so, you may be interested in a new program THRIVE is piloting this spring. We will be testing an eight-week parent-mediated program for families who would like to work on a specific goal related to a defined skill. Your eight-week program will include assessment, consultation, hands-on direct support, expert supervision, all needed materials…and more.

In a mediated session, an Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapist works directly with a child’s parents/caregivers to develop specific strategies and tools and then supports their implementation in the home setting. The teamwork of the therapist, family and the child plays an integral role in the success of this model.

What can you expect from this clinic?

You will be assigned your personal ABA therapist who will work closely with you to develop one goal that will benefit your family. The therapist will help you collect data that will allow us to correctly target the goal behaviour. Using the information you provide, the ABA therapist will develop custom strategies and materials for you to use in the home.

The therapist will also work with you to make sure you know how and when to use these tools. They will check in to make sure that these strategies are working and, together, you will collect data that will measure progress towards the identified goal. As a final step, you and your therapist will determine how to integrate the new behaviour into different situations and what your next steps might be.

In order to optimize the impact on participants, we are limiting this first cohort to just 10 participants. Once we have run the program, we hope to use the feedback from parents and caregivers to expand it to help more families.

This program begins on Monday, February 22, 2021. Registration closes on Friday, February 12, 2021. For more information or to register please contact Melissa Svantesson at 705-759-1131 extension 510.

The cost for this program is $1389.00.

In response to the provincial government’s changes with the Ontario Autism Program, families will now have the capacity to choose and directly pay for the therapy they would like most for their child. In response to this, THRIVE would like to offer programs suited to these needs. We value all the families we serve and would like to provide the opportunity for any families who may benefit and have the ability to purchase services to have access to these new and innovative programs. We welcome any feedback and/or ideas as we consider steps beyond this first pilot.

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