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At THRIVE Child Development Centre, we believe that the children and families that we work with deserve the best possible services. We work hard to make sure that the help we give is professional, and is offered in a way that respects the rights and individual needs of each child and family we see.  We know that there are times when you may not be fully satisfied with our services. When this happens, we encourage you to let us know.

We have a complaint procedure that you can use to let us know when there is a problem.  You can follow the steps below or use our Feedback Form to submit your concern to us in writing.  This form is also available at reception.  Either way, we will work with you to find a solution.  Please know that sharing your concern with us will not affect the services you receive.

We also welcome your comments, questions and your feedback if you are especially happy with our service.

Step I
We ask that you first address your concern directly with the staff member involved.  She/he will listen, discuss the issue with you and suggest ways to solve the difficulty.  If this does not help, or you do not feel comfortable addressing your concern with the staff member, you can ask to speak with his/her Manager.  Our receptionist can connect you with this individual.

Step II
A Manager will call you within five (5) working days.  She/he will speak with you about your point of view.  She/he will offer ideas on how your issue can be resolved.  If this effort is not sufficient, you can ask to speak with the Executive Director.

Step III
The Executive Director will call you within three (3) working days.   Again, there will be a discussion and suggestions for resolution.  If this still does not help, the Executive Director will set up a meeting, in another attempt to reach a satisfactory resolution. She/he will listen to your concerns and, with others, try to settle the outstanding disagreements.

We want to work with you to find solutions.  However, if you feel that this process has been unsuccessful or you do not feel secure discussing your concern directly with us, there are other choices you can make. You can contact one of the following:

  • Program Supervisor, Office Ministry of Children and Youth Services: 705-541- 2139
  • The Office of Child and Family Services Advocacy: 416.325.5581

For concerns regarding H. S. McLellan Preschool, call Ministry of Education, Childcare Department at
1-877-510-5333 or email


Give us your feedback!

At THRIVE, we work hard to provide our clients and families with the best possible services we can. Please use this form to offer a suggestion, give us a compliment or share a complaint. We want to hear from you and will get back to you within 5 business days.

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